Email goal update blocked as spam

I have a goal that is being updated via gmail email (it’s Pocket -> Gmail -> Beeminder, via IFTTT). Since past 2-3 weeks all my emails bounce as 554 Blocked spam.

Anybody knows why it started to happen?

Thank you very much!

It might depend on exactly where it’s being blocked as spam. You might like to post the full message you get about it, just check it first to ensure there’s no personal data and if there is replace that with xxxxx - try not to remove anything except for the personal details because the more we can see of the full message, the better chance we’d have of thinking of a reason for it.

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Here is an example (I’ve used this IFTTT since a few years and haven’t touched it):

^ 1 “OpenCV & Python – Edge Detection and Image Gradient Analysis -

Can you show us the full error message you saw when you tried to create that datapoint?

Here you go:

Ah yes, that’s the kind of information we need! Can you please forward that email to and mention this forum thread ( We might have other questions after that. Thanks so much for this! It’s going to be really helpful to us in working out what went wrong!

In your email to us, please also tell us which email program you use (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, etc). If we need any other information, that will help us work out what’s the easiest way for you to find it for us. For example, we might need to see the hidden headers from that “blocked spam” message and different email programs have different ways of showing the headers.

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Thank you for your support.

As noted in the original post I’m using gmail, and the email is triggered automatically by IFTTT (the trigger is a pocket action). I haven’t changed anything in my setup in years.

I’ve forwarded you the email with the error.
Doing so I noticed that some messages do get through and some are blocked.

If it helps the blocking started around 22. November and it is possible that it happens when I archive multiple pocket articles in a short period of time (triggering a bunch of emails via IFTTT). I’m not sure though. In any case before 22. Nov… I did not have this issue at all.

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