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New goal email doesn't identify as beeminder

I’m using Android 10, Gmail. When I create a new goal, beeminder send to me a notification of the new goal. However, on my screen, it doesn’t clearly identify itself as being an email from beeminder. Instead it just says that it is from “support”. And to be honest, it really looks like a spam email.

It would probably be better for the email to identify itself as being from “Beeminder Support”. Furthermore, it would probably be nice for the first words to be something like “New Beeminder Goal Instructions. You have created a new beeminder goal…”. That throws the purpose of the email into the first three words.

Because while it might be nice to get a new beeminder goal notification, I also don’t want to read it every time. So my suggestions would allow a user to clearly understand what the email is, and also use that info to know whether or not they want to just read it or skip it.


What do you mean by “you’ve beaten a new goal”?

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Google swipe typo, thanks. Fixed. You have beaten created a new beeminder goal

I’ve thought similar myself. The email just needs to have “Beeminder Support” as the sender rather than the bare “” so that it displays better in the client.