Feature request: allow to set relative deadlines using tasker on android

I was thinking that now that we have arbitrary deadlines that can be set without the one week akrasia delay, it would also be possible to have deadlines that are relative to some event that can be tracked by an android phone, instead of being absolute in time. For instance, for people who have flexible working schedules this would allow them to advance a deadline to expire X hours after they arrive at work. I think this could be easily accomplished with the tasker integration of the Beeminder android app. For this particular example they could just have tasker advance a deadline for the appropriate goal when their phone connects to the Wi-Fi at work. Then each day (while one is sleeping) the deadline could be reset to a conservative value so that next day it doesn’t expire to soon in case one gets to work later than the previous day.

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Very cool idea. If other people want this, click the heart on @davitenio’s post!