Feature Request: iOS Quick(er) Entry

One of the things that’s really nice about Coach.me is the ease of entry it gives. When you meet your goal for the day, you just swipe on the goal and it turns green (and gives a cute little high-five animation). On Beeminder I tap into the graph, fiddle with some buttons and then hit the “Submit” button. While it’s not a huge amount of work, it could be made simpler.

So, how about this for a strawman idea: When I swipe a goal to the right, show my last entered value and a “Submit” button in its place. If I want to enter a different value, I can go to the existing page, but if the last one works (which for me it does about 80-90% of the time), I can just accept it and move to the next one.

All of this with the goal of making entry frictionless.