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Feature request: Sentences in Clozemaster


I have mentioned this since the early prototyping days, even trying to fix the prototype, but I bring it back up since I see no point in using the current version of the integration.

The number of sentences played is part of the same JSON object as the points, and is an infinitely much better measure of how much work you have actually done on Clozemaster (even if the points are the basis for the gamification part). So could it please become possible to select sentences rather than points when creating a Clozemaster goal?




Do you know how this works? Does it do “unique sentences seen” or “sentences practiced”?


Oh, that is a very good question. And it seems like the property “sentencesPlayed” actually means “unique sentences seen”. So this seems to mean that my request is rather unfounded :frowning:

Looking closer at the Clozemaster dashboard, it does seem like they have the information though. I took two rounds now to make sure I got the above answer correct. In those two rounds there were 15 new sentences, and 6 reviewed (I got one wrong, so had to do it again). These show in the graph on the dashboard. So the value that would be perfect to beemind, is the sum on that graph (new sentences + reviewed sentences), or perhaps rounds, but I don’t know if that is stored.

So now we need to petition Clozemaster to get those values into the API :slight_smile:


And finding the “More stats”/“Pro Stats”-page, it has the value “Total played” which seems to probably be the sum that we want.


Funny! If I could only beemind one, I’d want to beemind unique sentences seen, to make sure I’m not stuck just in reviews, but also getting to new material. (But I also would want to beemind “total played”).