Feature request: url param on /breaks to default checked status to true

As promised in my journal thread:

The ?start and finish urlparams on https://www.beeminder.com/breaks/ are amazing! But my primary (only, so far) use case for interfacing with that page instead of an individual goal’s page are when I am setting breaks for all my goals because I’m going on vacation, e.g.

The only goals I don’t check are those that are ending sooner than the break time (and, thus, which will error and reset the page’s state if I do check them, which I suppose could be a bug report in and of itself): I would love a select-all param or something like that that sets the initial state of every checkbox to true, such that I could then uncheck the small amount of goals I don’t want the break set for.

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As a quick workaround, this bookmarklet:


does the trick, though obviously isn’t as convenient as being able to do it in one fell swoop in the initial URL.