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Tracking weight with Mi Fit, Google Fit, Mi Scale.

Hello, I have a Mi Scale 2 and would like to connect it with Beeminder.

I can send the data via Android app automatically to Google Fit. So Mi Fit and Google Fit both have the data. But I can’t send it anywhere else, neither with IFTTT nor with Zapier.

Is there any way to connect the Mi Scale with Beeminder?



Some folks use to beemind Google Fit, but it doesn’t look like weight is on there…


I didn’t know about this site, looks interesting. But yes, weight is not included.

What I’m trying now is this connection
Mi Scale → Notify for Mi Band → Google Fit → Withings → Beeminder

It’s a long chain and I don’t know if it works. I’m having trouble setting up the Google Fit and Withings connection on my mobile phone. Not sure if the Withings can take the data from Google Fit. When I want to set up the connection and click on “Google Fit” within the Withings Health app, sadly nothing happens.

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Is this site still functioning? I’m getting a deadlink


Alas, no! It seems to be gone. Google Fit is one of the integrations we’re looking at making available officially, though Google can be quite restrictive in their data access rules, so I don’t know if it will be possible!