Gratitude journaling together

  1. Nice music :musical_note:
  2. I was spontaneously motivated to work :zap:
  3. We’re in sync on priorities with my partner :brain::electric_plug:
  4. Lawyers actually sent an email 3 days ago! I just missed it :clock10:
  • i’m grateful i didn’t fight with my mother all weekend.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful that i walked all the way home tonight. took me over an hour, and brought me well over my steps goal, which is always a great feeling!
  • i’m grateful that i’m home again with all my nightly routine things. (calendar, bullet journal, diary; laptop as well, although i’m not yet sure if i’ll still open it tonight.) after having to do a spontaneous visit last night and staying there overnight, it’s good to be back home again!
  1. I’m 4 days away from being medicated for my ADHD. Huge shoutout to @mary and @narthur for pushing me in the right direction a few months ago :pray:
  2. I flexed my tech muscles today, but still was able to work on a boring project :yin_yang:
  3. Perfume :nose:
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful that i walked to the party tonight. steps goal: met!
  • i’m grateful that i didn’t have to go into work today.
  • i’m grateful that i’m motivated and having fun learning yet another new language, for now. if it ends up being short-lived, that would be fine as well; it’s fun and exciting now, that’s what’s important.
  1. My parents came to visit and help with the house yesterday and it was really fun!
  2. IKEA.
  3. My wife made paella and banana bread last night, woke me up gently in the morning, and I even got to take an afternoon nap with her before she left for her shift tonight.
  • i’m grateful for a warm dinner.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i managed to motivate myself to a little after-work walk.
  • i’m grateful that it rained a bit today; and also that it didn’t rain anymore while i took my walk.
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  1. SGQ: I met important people and I was not that anxious. I even handled it well and remembered the important details
  2. SGQ: my mom was a bit depressed, so I cooked (=order McDonalds) and made sure I can make her comfortable (it seemed to work - I’m proud of me for being perceptive and taking the right action)
  3. I felt nice today. It was a 7/10 day, which didn’t happen since a good deal of time. By the way, I’ve been averaging a nice and round 5.0 day rating on exist since I started using it. So I have an “okay” existence. I think that it should get higher in the following weeks since I’m starting ADHD medication, so I’ll both be a bit euphoric AND not get depressed because I didn’t work enough on a given day. Maybe I’ll gain 1 point of life coolness!
  4. SGQ: I have the habit of self-gratitude journaling now; I don’t need beeminder to bug me about it!
  • i’m grateful for having this thread. in over two months, i haven’t yet missed a day, and i’m still very much enjoying my time here, both reading others’ posts and writing my own.
  • i’m grateful for my colouring app.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i guess i’m grateful that i went to get a bubble tea during lunchtime today. i might have found my standard order; at least it tasted really well again for the second time. (taro milk tea with triple boba.) but maybe i still want to try all the flavors they have over time. when it’s gonna get hotter the ice cube ones make more sense at least.
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  1. SGQ: I’ve been extremely productive at work recently, on some pretty high-level stuff.
  2. One of the cafés near me is doing $1 “beat the midweek slump” afternoon coffees on Wednesdays in March.
  3. My seasonal goals system appears to be working as intended.
  1. My GP is very kind and doing her best to ensure I get the care I need.
  2. I have lovely friends.
  3. I’ve managed to submit evidence in time for my request for extra time for my exams to be considered.
  • i’m grateful for a quick afternoon nap.
  • i’m grateful for my therapist’s policy that the first short-notice cancelation is free; so i don’t have to pay for missing today’s session.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i’ll be in bed before 2 a.m.
  1. Welp, I don’t have Helicobacter pylori at least?
  2. Nice distracting game stuff planned for this evening.
  3. I got the new DLC for Two Point Campus.
  • i’m grateful i don’t feel as horrible as i did yesterday, even though the fever hasn’t really gone down.
  • i’m grateful for the ending of the show i just finished watching. felt satisfying!
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i’ll be in bed before midnight.
  1. Grateful the plumber came out to fix things, even on a weekend
  2. The house is lovely and warm now
  3. Walked down to the river yesterday - really amazing place to live
  • i’m grateful i was able to fall asleep again this morning after waking up at 6 a.m. for whatever reason. it took me a while, i think, but i probably ended up with around 10 hours of sleep in total in the end, which my body better be as grateful for as my mind is!
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i ate and drank sufficiently today. or at least i believe i did. life is tough when you’re sick and have no appetite.
  • i’m grateful the fever didn’t rise. i don’t really trust the last measuring saying it went down; we’ll see how it is tomorrow, but at least it didn’t go up, that’s great.
  1. SGQ: I’ve been a lot better about taking my earplugs when going out, and I’m having a lot more fun and being a lot more fun as a direct result!
  2. I got a pretty new lamp and a “smart” lightbulb for it, and I have it turning on a nice soft warm orange when it’s time to start winding down for bed.
  3. Got to hang out with some friends today for a stitch ‘n’ bitch.
  1. My Beeminder goal is making me start posting here again.
  2. I’m grateful to myself for cooking tonight, which is something I rarely do but I want to do more. The food was not horrible and certainly edible.
  3. I had dinner with friends last night.
  • i’m grateful i didn’t loose access to my online tax/finance account today. i had input the password incorrectly too many times, but my flatmate (:pray:) reminded me about this other, app-login-method, which i remembered the password for and it worked perfectly. the site-password-login is fully disabled now and probably really tedious to re-enable, but that doesn’t matter, since i can get into my account the other way.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i didn’t fight with my mum on the phone. i didn’t pick up the first phone call today, which was probably a really good idea, since we were kind of having a text-argument when she called; now things were calmer, and we managed to have a normal conversation, yay!
  • i’m grateful i’ll be in bed at a reasonable time again tonight! might not make midnight tonight, but i predict it will be 30 past midnight, or 1 a.m. at the latest, which still gives me a good amount of sleep tonight!
  1. I have headphones that completely block music when Jeremy is listening to something I don’t like.
  2. One of Jeremy’s favourite online DJs is doing a 12-hour session today as a celebration for her stream’s first anniversay and Jeremy is enjoying it so much.
  3. I am grateful to myself for being an adult and letting him enjoy music he likes for as long as he wants - I used to not be able to tolerate it for long. The headphones help! :smiley:
  • finally getting ADHD meds… they seem to work so far :zap:
  • small client paid me for a for-fun project :yen:
  • not a lot of pressure for the upcoming week :person_in_lotus_position:
  • past-me for getting a ticket to a music show; which I’ve enjoyed a lot :musical_note:
  • im enjoying reading a lot more (Shape Up really made me go down the 37signals rabbit hole) :satellite: