Gratitude journaling together

  1. House showings are done, and I can finally actually use my house again.
  2. I went on a run last night and it was warm and humid and reminded me of Okinawa and it was very cozy.
  3. I had a wonderful conversation with a co-worker I’d never met before this morning.
  1. I have a day off tomorrow so work is finished for the week!
  2. Jeremy and I are having a minor celebration tomorrow so the house is full of cheese and biscuits, and he’s baking my favourite cake.
  3. OB Finest Cashew and Rosemary Crackers. OMG. So tasty.
  1. We accepted an offer on our house!
  2. My coffee this morning is really good.
  3. Spring is finally here in Wisconsin and my yard is full of wildflowers and everything is green and beautiful!

That sculpture is delightful!

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  1. It’s Friday! Okay, I’m going to spend much of the weekend studying, but at least that’s 100% on my schedule.
  2. Cuddling with Biscuit (who is all better after giving us a scare) to start my day.
  3. Sitting down for five minutes to mindfully eat and enjoy some toasted teacakes during an overwhelming morning.
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  1. An apparent breakthrough in our understanding of SIDS.
  2. Being able to produce fire with the tiniest of effort.
  3. A cheese platter for lunch.
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  1. This thread! It’s been such a cozy start to my day recently!
  2. My grandmother passed this morning but family was there with her and it was super peaceful and I was able to call and tell her I love her.
  3. I got all the yarn for the cardigan I’ve been planning to knit for months and cast on the first few stitches!
  1. Catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.
  2. I walked home a new way and found a pretty, tree-lined path.
  3. My tablet has been updated to Android 12 which is very welcome because I love the gesture navigation I can now use on it.
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  1. The Whatsapp group for my course has some good advice about studying and is pretty supportive.
  2. Going over the past papers is very reassuring: I can do this exam!
  3. Because it’s a Sunday, I can take my time with the studying and take breaks when it’s obvious I’m not really learning.
  1. Lisa bought me a book.
  2. Lisa bought me a game!
  3. The weekend was enough to make me feel refreshed. I’m still a bit burned out… but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (aka my exam, a month from now).
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  1. The local river is flowing well, with temporary rapids even! It’s picturesque.
  2. I have Florentine biscuits from a high-end chocolate shop. They are SO good.
  3. Today was successful at work.
  1. My wife took me on a small hike and picnic and it was wonderful! It was gorgeous and romantic and the sunset was perfect and the trail was nice and there was a cool duck.
  2. My dog snuggled me a lot last night!
  3. The fountain pen my friend gifted me is my new favorite pen!
  1. Had a good time at the baseball game with my son.
  2. Both the children enjoyed kid’s night out at the YMCA
  3. After a period of weirdness, the husband’s work schedule should be back to normal for a while.
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  1. Fudge.
  2. Warm socks.
  3. Custard apples.
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  1. A friend with a weird medical thing has it worked out.
  2. Someone from my FC did a beautiful sketch of my FFXIV character, in a rather Yoshitaka Amano-like style. (Which is really appropriate – he did concept sketches for a lot of previous Final Fantasy games.)
  3. It’s sunny, which is good because it’s the day to wash the bath mat and towels. Hurrah for being able to dry them on the line!
  1. A paperwork snafu with my new apartment finally got all sorted out!
  2. Fantastic coffee this morning.
  3. Spring is SO PRETTY!
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  1. This oddly hearwarming story of a bee hive rescue.
  2. Chatting with my workmates.
  3. Pork crackling.
  1. Had a fantastic breakfast sandwich this morning at a coffeeshop I really like that is just far enough that I rarely go.
  2. New phone has solved the calling & notification issues I was having.
  3. House appraisal is done, getting us one step closer to actually closing on selling our house.
  1. Weather has cooled down nicely for the past few days.
  2. Parks and Rec department said they will work with us to try and let my daughter go to soccer camp this summer.
  3. Online dance workshop I signed up for has been a ton of fun and I have a few sessions left this week to look forward to.
  1. Postal voting is easy and reliable here.
  2. Jeremy posted our votes and brought back pastries from a bakery.
  3. I was able to take some time off work to catch up on sleep.
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