How do i beemind designing my life?

Hey everyone, i decided to have only one goal for the year, chose working through “Design your life” book exercises. How do i bemind it tho?

Can you provide some more details on what the design your life book exercises look like?

Here is the link to worksheets
Also informational interviews and thinking how to prototype a desired career in other ways.

вт, 25 янв. 2022 г., 04:26 Parrhesia via Beeminder Forum <>:

tried to create the google doc like in the article about nebolous goals using urlminder, but it keeps glitching. Need other way of tracking it. Maybe toggl will work?

Apologies for hard and weird question btw

Maybe try 1 worksheet every two days?

I’ve had a lot of success with goals that are just “I am going to do something, however little, on this project n times a week” and manually inputting a 1 to beeminder on that day, with a comment on what I’ve done. You probably feel like you want to beemind something more quantative but just beeminding “I got started and did something” can be enough, and the habit of looking at something regularly and getting over the hurdle of starting with something is what you want to cultivate.


thanks a lot, will think about it