how do I remove defunct goals from the widget?

This is the Beeminder list widget on my phone homescreen… how do I get rid of the defunct goals? there’s a whole bunch of goals on top that are not applicable and they get in the way.

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Do they show up in your app? Can you archive them?


They do show up in the app and the “RIP” ones have super cool skulls!! :skull: :skull: :skull:

The “FIN” one just says “FIN” with “Success” underneath.

I guess I could archive them but I’d rather not since having them there is a reminder to do something with them. But having them on the widget makes the widget very difficult to use since the upcoming beemergencies are not on top :sob:

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It seems that maybe if you want the ended goal to be a reminder to do something with them, that you can treat it as important as a beemergency and then the problem has melted away :stuck_out_tongue:


That isn’t particularly helpful. :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not as important as a beemergency; in fact it’s way down the list.

Is it really the intended behavior that the FIN and RIP tasks are supposed to have priority over urgent beemergencies and rise to the top like cream? :milk_glass:

That seems very counterintuitive.

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Yup! When a goal ends, you need to decide if you’re done with it or if you want to restart it. If you’re done with it, archive it. If you want to restart it, restart it. If you archive it and later change your mind, you can unarchive it later.

A Beeminder user has created a focused list of trackable actions (and maybe some trackable outcomes) to help them achieve their long term goals.

Why would someone choose to dilute that focus with “what do I do with this finished goal?” scattered through that list?

I am not a head honcho bee and not speaking for them here, but I suspect it would probably improve user awesomeness if we charged folks to sit with a finished goal! (or just didn’t make it possible in some other way)


Well, the list doesn’t really get used much - only in the list widget, or if you use the web interface.

For me, at least, I have individual widgets for each goal on my phone homescreen, so I’m not even really aware of the list or what’s on it.

The only time it would come up is if I had the list widget, but it isn’t really useful with all that extraneous stuff cluttering it :frowning:

I wish there were an option to disable it or at least move it to the bottom so “redesign the whole system” isn’t on top of “do this in the next hour.” It definitely needs to be done but it’s a lengthy project.

The goals that are still there are all email goals. I had set up some scripts to track the number of total emails in various different inboxes, trying to get them to zero. But some of the scripts were running on old computers or are no longer active, so I’d have to go through, figure out which are working or not, redo the scripts, and so on.

I see that there is a way to filter the web dashboard - what about a way to filter the list widget?

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As far as I know, there is no way to filter the list widget.

I definitely don’t know all the details, but I am skeptical that the best place to store the task of “figure out what to do with my old email goals” is to leave them as ended but unarchived goals.


lol! so true and stated with typical Adam Wolf understatement and wit :joy:

The correct way to handle this would be to write down all information, like the relevant goal names, in a list item that goes on a task list, and then archive all goals.

That said, I still don’t think the list widget should be sorting defunct goals to the top, and also there should be a filter option.

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