Layman questions: how to change hours (or XP) per day, did-or-didn't activity

I have just started using Beeminder. There are my questions:

  1. I have set to spend less than 3h on unproductive actvities. I automated that goal with RescueTime.
    Now I want to change it to 2h per day. How do I do that?

  2. Same with Duolingo integration. I would like to change to 30 XP per day.

  3. What is the best way to beemind ‘did or didn’t’ activity?


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  1. You’ll want the Road Dial underneath your graph. Is that what you had missed? (Helpful to know if it’s that you missed it or if it’s that it’s not obvious how to use even once you’ve found it!)

  2. Also the Road Dial.

  3. Eventually we’ll make a slicker interface for this but fundamentally that just means that your datapoints are 1 for “did” and 0 for “didn’t”. So if you want to do something every other day (on average) then create a goal with a rate of 3.5 times per week. Is that making sense?

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For setting daily rate it’s also useful to know about “Rate units”.
You can find it under Settings -> Terrifyingly Advanced.
Set it to “Daily” (And remember to click save changes at the bottom of the page.)

Thanks, great point, @insti. And that one isn’t even that terrifying. (: By the way, I just added better blurbs and mouseovers on all the advanced settings.