Impossible to navigate from dashboard to tag-filtered dashboard

When I’m on my dashboard,, and I navigate to a tag-filtered version of the dashboard, i.e.,

nothing happens,

but I expect to get to the list of my goals, filtered by the tag “meta”.

The only way to reach that page is to open a new browser tab with the correct URL.

The actual behaviour is probably not that surprising and is just how browsers work, since you’re using a hash to separate the tag to filter by. If the browser doesn’t see an anchor with the name “meta”, it doesn’t know it should really reload the page to get the desired behaviour…


Hard agree: since there’s no anchor on the page called meta or book or whatnot, it doesn’t really make semantic sense to use # to get there, even though it is, tbf, extremely cute. I’d personally much prefer just a plain 'ol query param: working would be amazing (or, maybe better, ?tags[]=book, to parallel how you would pass goal-creation-or-update params to the API).

(small aside, @ianminds — you can also navigate to the tag-filtered #meta version, observe nothing happen, then hard-refresh the page to get to the correct view, which is occasionally more comfortable than opening a new tab)

I have another work-around I forgot to post. I forgot because I didn’t even realize how powerful it really was.

I knew that zzq’s delightful extension was able to search the full text of the description. So I thought adding the most important hashtags to the end of the description would be a fine work-around. But what’s more, it actually filters by tags as well! Just omit the pound sign, and accept that for general terms there will be some false positives matching the term, but not the tag.


I have never been able to figure out how tags work on beeminder. I must be spoiled by other UI that makes it really obvious. It would be such a useful thing to be able to tag and filter goals.

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I only found out about them after trying out altbee.

My guess is they don’t prioritize it because not many users have enough beeminders to lose track.