iOS app closes when submitting data, only last week or so?

I don’t use iOS, but I’m relaying a bug report from a relative:

Starting about a week ago, instead of showing the progress spinner, when I enter my data for my goal, it shows a black screen and then closes to the home screen of my iPhone. This happens maybe half the times I submit data, but only started a week ago.

I am iOS-ignorant and don’t really follow any iOS stuff on here–is this something other people are seeing?

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Not seeing this. Try doing a reboot of the phone. Sometimes this has fixed things for me (for other apps, not with the Beeminder app specifically)

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I have a read on this bug. It happens when the datapoint submission returns an error, for example, if the request takes too long or if the phone is in airplane mode (could be other examples too).

It’ll require a new app version to fix, unfortunately, but between this and the facebook login bug it’s definitely justified, so I’ll hopefully submit in the next day or two.

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