ordering of beeminder stings on iOS

I can’t find it, but is it possible to manually re-order the stings on iOS?

if not: Would it be a lot of trouble to make that manually for the mobile app?

Do you mean reorder the goals on the home screen? If so, no, it wouldn’t be too hard to have that be a setting that you could order them by.


Current fix I was thinking about for the web version is to rename my stings with numbers pre-pended, e.g. 100, 110, 120, 130. So when I have a new goal i can put them somwhere in this list, and also in between, without screwing up the original ordering.

Got this from my current e2e tests setup, where we add that to the filename.

Basically stings are tests.

Mildly confused. Shouldn’t the order of goals match that of the website’s dashboard view? i.e. soonest to expire first, sub-sorted by pledge at risk.

Admittedly, mine are often out of date in the app, but that’s a different problem.

Not that long ago, we carefully removed the ability to manually/arbitrarily sort the goals on the website, and this sounds very similar, so I’m curious about the motivation…

(Possibly only marginally related to the original request, but on the theory “more information is almost always better than less”…)

I order mine by setting the deadline to be slightly earlier or later on the Reminders page. For example:

Of course, this only relatively orders goals that have the same number of safe days – goals due today will always come before goals due tomorrow – but that’s all I need, for actual use.

I suspect that @bcool is asking for the iOS app to reproduce the ability to sort by goal name, pledge amount, etc that’s available on the website?


You can still sort the goals on your dashboard by name, deadline, pledge, and recently entered data. When did we remove that ability?

Also do you find that goals are out of date in the app even after a pull to refresh?

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motivation is: I want to see what I should be doing if I have xx minutes of spare time, everything is in green and I have not enough mental energy to evaluate all options of what I should be doing.

Both on desktop and ios (or if I can set it on desktop for both would be also good), some kind of priority: 1 - xx would be useful.

My suspicion, confirmed below I think, was that the OP wanted something akin to the old ‘panic threshold’ to manually sort goals. Not a world we plan to return to.

The sorting options on the web dashboard are good and valuable. (Heck, I wrote the code to stabilise the sort order! :slight_smile: ) It’d be good to get those into the apps, too.

Like @grayson, I also use the deadline time to ensure that the ‘more important’ goals appear toward the top of the list when I’ve got many goals with the same number of safe days.

I do often find that pull-to-refresh gets stuck somewhere and spins its wheels, whereas killing the app and relaunching it immediately shows me the current state, in a sensible order.

You could implement your own dashboard to do something like this, or write a command line script. That’s what @mary did, using the text in the goal description to set categories and priorities.

Having a working demo is probably also the best route to testing your ideas in practice and gaining support for a feature request.

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you have my vote for this.

I’ll start later next week with adding some numbers as mentioned:

Added numbers to the goals, I can only order ASC not DESC… would be a must to have thing :slight_smile:

Similar to the GTD goal:
On any given time, I effortlessly know what I should be taking action on by looking at my screen.


Okay changed the nice to have of the ordering to a must have (for me personally). Let me know if I can make a pull request somewhere or where can I request this as a feature?

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If you know Swift/iOS you can make a pull request here! I think it would work best as a setting on the settings screen - slightly less convenient than on the landing screen but also doesn’t take up space for the (I’m guessing) majority of users who just want the default sort, and also for you once you’ve chosen your preferred sort.

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if only I knew Swift/iOS :slight_smile:

Still battling with JS/RoR.

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If you know JS, feel free to add the feature to the Nectar mobile app. Pull requests welcome!

The Nectar mobile app displays a countdown to derailment for each goal, similar to Beeminder for Android.

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This is now implemented and on its way to the App Store review team.