personal weaselproofing

Folks, I was inspired by wrightjor’s amazing post (How do you enforce getting up early in a cheat-proof way?), where they found themselves weaseling by unplugging a sleep device so they installed a lockable weatherproof outlet box and put the key in their car.

What’s your best story for how you’ve weaselproofed yourself, either preemptively or after the fact?


I am a super weasel for any goal that is related to doing something less. I have a goal that requires me to put away my work laptop every night so that I do not waste time browsing. I lock the laptop away in a pretty hefty case. I then take the key and put in a "Kitchen Safe" lock container. They are pretty nifty because you can set the amount of time that you want to keep something locked away.

I also have an old laptop that I mostly use for writing, playing old video games, etc that I took the wifi card out of. No wifi == no distractions.