Physical buttons with AWS IoT Button

There have been many threads around the forums, but I haven’t seen my own setup mentioned. Here’s the physical buttons that are working really well for me.

I build a few physical triggers based on AWS IoT buttons. They are relatively cheap ($15-$20), though do require an active AWS account.

  1. I started with an Amazon IoT button. I had first generation buttons already sitting in a drawer of projects I hadn’t started. I expect the second generation buttons to work as well, but I haven’t deployed them quite yet.
  2. You’ll need an AWS account, and usually you can set one up with your Amazon credentials. As far as I know, this whole setup is costing under $0.50 a month. You likely will also qualify for the Free Tier.
  3. The IoT button app allows you to create a IFTTT Lambda function to use. It creates all the code for you except it needs an IFTTT webhook URL. This can be found/setup at
  4. Then it’s just IFTTT from there, typically send a datapoint to Beeminder. The button will send the serial and whether you did a single, double, or long click. So theoretically the button can be used to trigger three different things.
  5. Future buttons can just use the same setup triggering different IFTTT webhook rules.

Anyway, perhaps some other options mentioned in the Forums (Flic) may have been easier - but for those who already use AWS (or want to learn), this is a nice/quick/cheap way to go.

As for the Dash buttons, they are certainly cheaper, but they do require watching for network packets. It’s a little hacky for my taste. The IoT button is more expensive, but it is also fit for purpose.

Disclosure: I do work for AWS, though my work isn’t related to any of this. And of course, any comments here are my own.