Pycharm and Atom integration

Is it even possible? I need to learn github and i dont work much there anyway, need alternatives.

apologies if stupid question

By “you need to learn GitHub”, do you mean

“I want to learn GitHub soon” or

Or “I don’t want to use the Beeminder GitHub integration because I don’t use GitHub yet and 6i want to make sure I use Pycharm and atom before starting that”?

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both, but mostly second one, learning github is a nebulous goal i want to beemind too for me. but i need to track coding a personal site and working on “automate boring stuff with python” book specifically.

I’d recommend taking a look at WakaTime. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct Beeminder integration yet, though they have a good API. Here’s a bit of code that might help you get started scripting a connection if you decide on that route:

thanks a lot, will try using that

You could use also use Rescuetime and beemind “active minutes in Atom or Pycharm”. There’s an integration built in for that.

sure, but i unfortunately cant spend money on rescue time rn

I think the free version of RescueTime should be able to do this, but I’m not 100% sure on that.