Quickly deleting multiple datapoints results in awkward "Graph updated" animation

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to a goal page in a desktop web browser
  2. Click the “Data” tab
  3. Quickly delete 4 data points in a row
  4. Scroll to the top of the window (if necessary)

Current Behavior:

  • The green “Graph updated!” notification cycles through its slide-down-then-up animation 4 times. IOW you see the notification as many times as the number of data points you deleted. This is more awkward to experience than it probably sounds.

Expected / Suggested Better behavior:

  • If that notification is already animating into view or is paused before the out-of-view animation, simply animate it out after a pause.
  • If that notification has finished animating, or is currently animating out-of-view when you last clicked “delete”, then show it once more, but only once more.


  • Untested, but I suspect the same thing happens with the “Update” button