Slack integration doesn't display, only links to, graph image?

In the list of available commands for the slack integration, it says "goalname will display the status and graph for the goal with that goalname." However, when I attempt to use this command, it only links to the graph instead of displaying it. Being able to see the graph inline would be super nice. If this isn’t a bug, can I request this as a feature?


Also, is this a proper error message? Because it looks more like all the possible error messages.


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I think the graph preview only works for public goals.
@dreev @bee I would love a solution to this as well

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I just double-checked and the goal I was trying to view is public. :confused:

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Hmm. so I think that slack not showing the preview is maybe a settings thing with your own slack? or perhaps it’s something to do with us using the “only visible to you” thing?

I thought at first it was because we’re using the beeminder graph url, which redirects to amazon s3, but if I send a message with the url, that auto-expands. But yeah, we’re just sending a url. Not sure how slack decides to expand that or not.

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Thanks for taking a look. :slight_smile: This is a new Slack workspace, so no settings have been changed. It’s not a big deal. I’d rather be able to add datapoints. :wink:

oh yeah, this was a two-parter. whoops. yeah, the error message for that is totally blrcxked but I think it’s just a syntax problem with your datapoint. Check out valid datapoint formats here:

protip: you can just use a ^ in place of remembering the current date.