Structure And Beeminder

Hey yall!

I’ve been using beeminder for about a monthish now. It’s been fantastic. Huge improvements in life. I have ADHD and have always struggled to get myself to do stuff regularly (understatement). Beeminder has had a hugely positive impact on my life this past month.

I am currently unemployed so this might be more extreme for me because I have a lot more time than I usually do. While I have been fairly good about sticking to all my beeminder goals I still don’t do them in any structured way. I was wondering for the people who have a lot of daily goals, do you do them at the same time/same order everyday or whenever you have the energy. I find myself sometimes procrastinating goals and then doing a lot of them at night.

Let me know! And also let me know if you have any tips for how to be more structured with the goals.


Some people like having their goals due earlier in the day to avoid procrastination.


I have the same issue as you. ADHD, self-employed.

I sometimes do my Beeminder goals late at night. In fact, that’s pretty often.

Putting the deadline earlier only makes it harder, because I end up derailling, and then they come back one week later, and I derail, etc…

So I put the deadline at 6am + changed my timezone so that I have even more time!

I found out that doing the bulk of the goals in the morning after waking up is the best.

I have so many goals! I even schedule blocks of “beeminding” on my Google Agenda.

Beeminder burnout is very very real.

My days:

  1. Directly when waking up, drink a bit of water, go to my desk, and crush the easiest goal I can. Then do another one. Repeat until your mind cannot take anything more.
  2. Do something else with your life: work, eating, going outside…
  3. Do the rest of the goals at 3am, like I usually did, but this time, there is less to do since I did a lot when waking up!

Here’s what’s left for me tonight:

(the eye fixing thing is just putting drops in my eye which takes ~20 minutes and is very boring)
(so that’s only about 45 minutes of Beeminding left for today. It’s hard to wrap my mind around this number. Beeminder takes so much time…)


Pro tip: create a Beeminder goal that’s called “reduce_beeminder_load”. 1 point = reducing the frequency of a goal; archiving a goal you don’t want / need anymore… This made it more bearable.