Super Automating Beeminder to give it a more sting

Hey all !

Its been about a month since I joined Beeminder. I have come to realize the more you automate the data input to the goal, the more effective it is in pushing you against all odds to get the goal done.

With that in mind, I wanted to know if two different automation services can input the data in one single goal.

For instance, I have a goal which pushes me to practice and hone my public speaking skills. The goal requires me to capture a video of 15-20 minutes everyday, giving a mock speech or video log of my day. The data for the goal (the length of the video) is sent using rescuetime+beeminder integration. Is there a way I can add a Ifttt integration to the same goal where I draft/save the content for goal which I write before my speech in Evernote.

If any one could help me out with this super automation goal. It would be great !

Cheers !


As far as I know this is not possible. However you might be able to “compose” a goal, made up out of two automatic goals throught the service. Good luck!

It may be possible, but I’m not entirely sure what you’d like to happen - are you saying that the number of words in evernote should also act as an input to the goal? I don’t think that’s what you’re after since then the units would be different (words vs. time). What do you want to happen when you write the draft in evernote?

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There’s nothing stopping you having multiple IFTTT integrations that update the same goal. But as has been said, you’ll need careful thought as to the units and meaning of the updates…

It’s probably easier to have multiple Beeminder goals that each tackle a real-world goal from different angles. That’s what I usually end up with…

As far as I know now, this was a wrong assumption to make. :wink:

Hey @matti, @philip and @apb

I have been tweaking around with the goal for the last few days and seem to have a breakthrough with integrating two different integrations in different time units.

The goal required me to read Opinion Pages of a few dailies (which were saved to a specific notebook in Evernote) and then record a video giving a summary of all the video pages. The goal required that I spend atleast 3 hours per week. The goal reports data in hours and minutes format and not pure maths numbers.

I did run ifttt integration which triggered when I added the note in the notebook. I spend about 5 mins reading an article and understanding it. Every time the ifttt trigger ran it would add a datapoint of 0.83333 to the goal. The 0.08333 would show as 5 minutes in the goal, eliminating the issue with different time units. (5 min /60 mins =0.8333)

There was also a separate ifttt recipe which pulled the data from rescue time about the time that I would spend on the the specific video app on my android phone to record the video.

So combining the data from the two recipes I was able to run this goal. But there is small glitch in the entire thing, the data from rescue time comes the next day, as the resucetime summary is available at 0:01 am the next day while data from my evernote article is sent on real time basis. So unless I do not get to pretty close to derailing I am good with the goal.
The goal is still in the initial stages, I am still testing a of the data being pulled is stable and whether this goal is not overly ambitious since public speaking is not one of my strong areas and if this goal is over ambitious, I fear that I may give up completely on reforming my public speaking skills.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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I would personally use two goals. By combining them into one, I would
probably end up weaseling and just doing whichever option is easier, the
articles or the YouTube videos.

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Me too. Even though it’s not mandatory it somehow seems cleaner and as I said, you could compose a goal out of those other ones. Now if we could just have better means to organize goals than just tags that’d be amazing…