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Tasker integration seems to break if goal is changed from manual to API

I’ve got a bunch of phone-based goals I’m automating using Tasker, and the built in Tasker integration, which is great. I create a manual goal, wire a Tasker trigger to a Beeminder plugin action to submit a datapoint or start/stop a timer for that goal, it’s all great.

However, I’m then stuck with a good number of manual goals that are not actually manual; and I’ve noticed that if I change them to API goals on the website (which they sort of are - they certainly aren’t goals for which I haven’t figured automations yet, so at least they’re not quite manual), after a few days (I haven’t been able to figure out when and why, exactly) they stop being updated.

It’s like the Tasker integration is checking for whether it’s a manual and thus updatable goal not only at goal selection time (which would be reasonable to me for the reasons above), but also at update time. Am I right in that guess? If that’s so, could we discuss whether that’s necessary? :slight_smile:

(This last happened a few weeks ago, and admittedly I haven’t checked back on it since)


I’ve added checking on this to the Beedroid issue tracker.

[[UPDATE: fixed!]]