TaskRatchet Development Updates

I’m switching back to posting development updates here.

UVI today: I updated the feedback widget to be quite a bit fancier. Still probably needs some adjustment, but should work better for letting us reply.

Relatedly: For several days now @shanaqui has been handling support requests for TaskRatchet! :tada: Which is fantastic because they are incredible at what they do, so support emails should now be handled much more quickly than they were when I was trying to keep up with it.

(I’m counting these both as UVI’s, because I was doing so poorly at support that having @shanaqui on board is definitely a user-visible improvement. :grin: )


Page titles are now dynamic–that is, instead of the page title always being TaskRatchet, the tasks page is “Tasks | TaskRatchet”, account page is “Account | TaskRatchet”, etc.

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The registration page now shows errors inline instead of toasting them.

Tweaked the formatting of the checkbox label on the registration page.

Added Nicky’s bio to the home page! :tada:



Just wired up a new TaskRatchet tracking goal, this one for new user registrations:



And another one, this for tracking the number of users with pending tasks:


Since the data for this goal is updated reactively, it’ll be a little while before it’s terribly accurate.


Just deployed a bunch of front end UVI’s:

  • app.taskratchet.com now matches the color scheme from taskratchet.com.
  • It now uses dark mode based on the user’s system preference.
  • The register link on the login page is now styled.
  • The terms of service and privacy policy links on the registration page are now styled.
  • The terms of service and privacy policy links were previously broken; they’re fixed now.
  • There’s now a bit more space between the login and reset password buttons on the login page.
  • The login page now uses loading buttons instead of a loading overlay.
  • The API docs link in account settings is now styled.
  • The timezone link in the task form has had its destination corrected.
  • The navigation drawer’s styling has been tweaked a bit.

Added an Interfaces page to the help docs explaining how to use TaskRatchet in different ways:


Modified the help page to reference support as “us” instead of “me”

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Removed Twitter from TaskRatchet.com nav.

  • Fixed a bug where users could set a task’s completion status to “true” as a string via the API v1
  • Updated the account settings to let users add a payment method even if they failed to add one during registration

Tweaked the typography on the How It Works page

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Updated the dev updates link in my bio to point to this thread instead of Twitter.

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  • Updated the FAQ to stop promising that TaskRatchet will be free forever.
  • Updated the team section to include my brother who is helping with TaskRatchet development.
  • Resized my image in the team section to reduce page size.

TaskRatchet should now do a better job at re-queuing tasks that failed to charge when the user changes their payment method.

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A user let us know that &-tags weren’t working for them. I fixed a problem with our exception logging, and somehow that seemed to fix the tag bug, too. :confused:

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Added a link to our new iOS app to the docs

  • Updated VitePress, the framework I’m currently using for the TaskRatchet.com landing page.
  • Added a link to my agency, Pine Peak Digital, to the landing page footer.
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