TaskRatchet Development Updates

There’s been a bug for a week or two where we were failing to properly handle some Stripe webhook events. I’ve now ported that hook from the Python API to the new Node API and confirmed that it works, which should mean our registration process isn’t subtly broken anymore. (Yikes!)

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This morning I pushed some updates to our charge email handler to get us better debug info in cases where we fail to mark tasks as contested when users reply to charge emails. Also I think I may have fixed a bug with said worker from a previous attempt.

Updated the meta description for TaskRatchet.com so it includes relevant text when shared on Discord, etc. Though seems like Discord has cached the previous site description, so may take a while to display properly.

Updated the “why don’t you have x feature?” section on the faq to say it’s built and maintained by two part-time devs instead of one dev like it used to say

Added Forfeit to our Friends & Competitors page

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Changed the wording under “Calling a Charge Not Legit” from “I’ll” to “we’ll”

Updated “When does TaskRatchet charge me?” in the FAQ to stop referring to me in the singular