Testing a mobile-friendly Beeminder


Thanks @scarabaea! We did finally deploy it a couple hours ago!


Thanks so much for the new bug report. Does it do that consistently for you? I saw things like that when it was still on the beeta server but can’t reproduce them now…

EDIT: sorry, i was being dense. i do see that but i think that’s what it always did. i’m not sure if it’s ideal (it actually seems ok to me) but in any case i don’t think it’s a new issue. thanks again for pointing stuff like that out regardless!


Strangely enough, this lack of alignment never happened to me before. And I liked it much more then, when it was neat and grouped in the middle of my screen rather than now that is all other the place with mis-aligned colums. That is sad. I actually have a strong inclination not to look at the desktop version anymore and only use the android one. At least, there I can myself decide if I want to install the update :frowning:


Thanks for reporting this. Want to give it a look now? It should be improved, though still not perfect, and at the slight expense of other screen sizes… we’ll see if anyone notices those other imperfections and mentions it :slight_smile: It’s a bit of a game of whackamole.


It’s still too cramped on the left side and too empty on the right side. I particularly not fond of shortening goal names, I don’t think github-commits is the kind of goal name that needs to be shortened on 1366x768. :slight_smile:


Just going to add my comment that I don’t like that the margins on the left and right hand side have vanished. I guess (like all other BM changes) we’ll just have to get used to it and it’ll probably be ok, but at the moment it feels very disturbing / jarring.


Not liking the new desktop version for goal pages at all.

  • The graph gets stretched without increasing resolution, resulting in pixellated text and graphics.
  • You can’t look at the graph and statistics at the same time.
  • On other people’s goal pages the graph is so large it even just barely fits entirely on the screen, but then even the name/commitment/deadline title isn’t on the screen anymore.

Right now I prefer to make my window smaller, so that everything I want to see fits on the screen.

  • Full-width Gallery page looks great!
  • Full-width Goal page needs a lot of work (nobody said responsive design is easy :smiley: :smiley: )


@dreev it’s about time you kill the image-based graphs in the Goal page and copy the road.glitch.me graphs :slight_smile:


Header is still messed up :frowning:


Forum mobile header is also buggy


I’ll try to reply to everyone in one message here rather than spamming with multiple messages…

Thank you for all the reports! Please keep them coming even if it’s something you think we already know about, or is by design and therefore wouldn’t fix - we want to know about all of the use cases and preserve as many as possible.

After @wswld and @dreev objected and pointed out that the cramped goal names happen on their screens (and not just the screen width that I’d assumed was an intermediate width that few people used - that’s what I meant by “imperfections”), I reverted the fix for the misalignment that @scarabaea reported. I think there’s still a way to make this work by taking the width from the recent data column instead, but for now it’s back to the way it was. The difficulty here stems from the fact that there’s inherently misalignment if you have the graph at different sizes in different rows - if you allow for the large graph in non-expanded rows, it’s wasted space, but if you don’t, things are not going to line up.

@strickvl I’m assuming you mean the margins on the dashboard? It could be just a matter of getting used to it - after a few weeks of using beeta with the full bleed rows, going back to the fixed width in the center felt weird and arbitrarily constrained.

@johannesgaetjen I’d noticed this too but didn’t realize just how easy it would be to fix :slight_smile: Check it out now? I just set the max width of the graph to be the true width of the image. I believe that addresses all three of your concerns. Let me know if not or if there’s anything else that looks wonky to your eye.


  • agree on the javascript graphs :slight_smile: I think we’re constrained by YBHP being done before that can happen.
  • what specifically would you change on the goal page?
  • similarly, what specifically would you change about the header on mobile? The links and user avatar won’t all fit on one line.
  • the forum header is based on CSS that I’m pretty sure we don’t have control over. I’d never noticed it before on mobile but I’m interpreting it as either an example of “responsive design is hard” and/or an argument for “the header on beeminder.com is actually fine because Discourse does it too” :slight_smile:


header on mobile

  1. Logo to be smaller
  2. Menu to be under an icon like the profile/avatar menu. If you don’t want to have two expanding menus, the avatar menu can be placed in line with logo

Thank you!


@apb, thank you for reacting to the concerns I expressed and thank you for continuing to try and improve it. I still hope that perfection is possible to approach and to have it the best of both worlds :slight_smile: On my screen, there is tons of space to align everything neatly and not to cut the goal name. And that is a usual 13" laptop screen, not something extraordinary big. I believe that quite a decent percentage of users use screens at least as large. So I hope that aesthetical feelings of this subgroup of users will be a consideration for deciding on the strategy for future :slight_smile:


Looks good! The white space between the graph and the data entry is a bit weird, but it doesn’t bother me at all.


Okay guys, something broke. I assume it’s something to do with all the fiddling you’ve been doing with this, so here it goes in this thread. (The bee used to be much prettier, right? It’s early morning on a Sunday, so I could be confused.)
However, it’s not on mobile, it’s on my PC, in Chrome. Please ignore the inverted color scheme.


@dreev #antiUVI
Things dont look very nice in the settings tab (Chrome/Ubuntu)


I think this is specific to the inverted color scheme - what did it look like before? And are you referring to the size of the spinning bee over the graph?


This should be fixed!


This is not! I have seen the same huge distorted bee on a graph on the goal page without even knowing there exists an inverted color scheme :slight_smile:


I guess I still don’t understand what the issue is - that the bee is too large? Or distorted?