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Testing a mobile-friendly Beeminder


I just went to the site on Chrome on my iPad, and the layout is alllll over the place.


Although it looks fine in landscape on Chrome for iPad.


Distorted+large etc. Definitely not specific to the colors on the page, I just took the screenshot without remembering to turn it off. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t exist. :smiley: As far as I know.
I use Hacker Vision in Chrome to make websites less painful to look at.


Thanks for pointing this out - intermediate sizes like this were sort of last on the priority list (first being to make desktop sizes look mostly unchanged, second being to make mobile/phone sizes usable). Will keep adjusting!


I had all of my goals extend with the quick entry menu, and I went and brought an archived goal back online. When I returned to the main goal page, the revived goal was not extended, while the rest of the goals are.

I refreshed the page as well and it was still applied. Now that I think of it, this might be intentional. But, worth a shot to post anyways!

Edit: Worth to note I had just extended all of my goals using the main black button just before doing this, which might explain my expectation that it would also be extended!


I don’t know that I’d call it intentional, but it is expected based on how the black “expand all” button works. Rather than set a global “all goals should be expanded” it adds all the goals to an “expanded list”, so that you can then collapse individual goals. Since the previously archived goal wasn’t on the list, it makes sense that it wouldn’t be expanded. If you use the black button again to collapse and then re-expand, it should work.