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The new goal manual button isn't actually a link

I use Vimium to navigate which lets you use letters to navigate to links, but while it works for all the integrations it doesn’t seem to detect manual entry.

@narthur worked out that it’s because it’s a div rather than a button or a tag
Hat tip to @ophicleidon from Discord for pointing out this could impact accessibility


It also has the issue of not being tabbable – perhaps Vimium uses the tab order to decide what to make navigateable? Beeminder’s tab order is a bit weird.


I use a similar browser extension, Tridactyl, which finds the manual entry button just fine:

So however it is that Tridactyl figures out that it’s clickable, Vimium could do the same thing. That said, of course it would be better if Beeminder used a <button> here instead of a <div>, or at least gave the <div> a role="button" and a tabindex.


Just wanted to chime in that I also use Tridactyl and would really appreciate if everything would be keyboard navigable. IIRC there are other non-keyboard-navigable elements in the later steps of the goal creation.


I added this to the bug tracker.

A few month ago, we went through and made a bunch of accessibility improvements to the goal dashboard and the goal detail page, but the goal creation stuff didn’t get included at the time.