There is no way to read last data point (or total) of a goal using IFTTT or Zapier or Tasker plugin?

So far the beeminder plugin and Zapier and IFTTT work great for adding a point. How about reading the total reached in a goal so far?

Before diving in python and Beeminder API, is there any other way to read from a goal instead of adding a point?

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Our webhook callbacks and messages to IFTTT include the datapoint’s value. IFTTT has a trigger for when a datapoint is added, the webhook is called when a datapoint is added, edited, or deleted. Not sure that we’ve got an equivalent for Zapier yet, though you could use them as the target of the webhook.

I don’t think anything includes the cumulative total, nor even the day’s aggregate total.

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Thanks for your input @philip

Yes, I am aware that there is an IFTTT trigger when a datapoint is added, and the action can use that datapoint added to do with it anything. But is there anything can be done to read the last data value even after hours of adding the data?


At that point, you’re into using the API yourself, because there’s no obvious trigger from our side. On emergency days, you could hook into the zeno notification, but that seems unlikely to match your ideal timing.

If you’re looking for examples to get you started:

(Maybe we should start a list of coding resources on the forum.)

Update: Coding Resources

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Yes please!