"This goal has an error with its autodata:" when there is no autodata

I have goals with Strava and Toggl autodata, but they don’t have any errors. I have many other manual-entry goals.

When I go to my dashboard in Safari and and hover over any one of my goal names, a message appears that says “This goal has an error with its autodata:”. For example, this is my screen when I hover over the goal name “chinese,” which is a manual-entry goal.

I expected a message like what I see when I open an incognito Safari browser, copy-paste my dashboard URL, then hover over the same goal while not logged into my account. In that case, I see my goal description, which is “+1 equals reviewed at least one Anki card from Chinese deck”.

I first noticed the bug around 9 PM Eastern on January 11th and just checked again that it has persisted.


Someone else showed me a screenshot of this earlier, and it looked to me like it was the “todayta” tickmark, showing that some data had been added today, that was triggering this. But in this case you were hovering over the goalname… this seems really odd, but I see it on my goals too. Flagging this up in our Slack! Thanks for mentioning it and providing the screenshots; it’s really helpful.


Thanks so much for reporting! (Bug bounty is stickers if you DM me.)

Should be fixed now: http://beeminder.com/changelog#4753