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Todoist-Integration with recurring tasks doesn't seem to work

Hi Community!
I set up the todoist-integration so that in may todoist-project “rituals” all completed tasks will be automtatically update my goal in beeminder. I sucessfully tested it with a single task. but when I check off my recurring tasks for my “morning ritual” or my “evening ritual”, nothing happens in beeminder. I also tried to implement it with zapier. same result. is that a known bug?

thanks in advance!


yup! we’ve got a little note about it in the goal creation panel, so it’s useful for us to know that’s still easy to miss :slight_smile:


We’re looking at ways we could get this info from their api. We’re using their sync api right now, which really has no way to collect info on recurring tasks. @adamwolf was looking into this – sounds like we could do it maybe easily for Todoist Pro users. Also we might be able to set up a goal type that tracked all-time total number of completed tasks, which looks like it includes recurring tasks, but that wouldn’t let us filter for project or labels or anything, so kind of dull tool.

Todoist does have a whole separate api from their sync stuff which would work to integrate with for recurring tasks, so we may have to set up a second integration in order to work with recurring tasks…



I would love to see that :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, Bethany!

I also found in Zapier the trigger option “New Any Completed Task” that promises exactly that functionality. But it also doesn’t seem to work…

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In case anyone else stumbles upon this thread: I’ve found that the IFTTT “new completed task” trigger works with recurring tasks and can also filter tasks by projects and labels.

I have a goal to floss more and a recurring Todoist task for flossing. I just created a new Todoist label (@goal-floss) and put it on the task, then set up an IFTTT applet to add a datapoint to the Beeminder goal whenever a Todoist task with the label @goal-floss is completed. Working great so far!



I was having this exact problem, and I was able to fix it by following your instructions. I’m actually working on the floss goal too, funnily enough :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame it’s necessary to do it this way though :confused:


This might be one of the most asked for features right now (finally supporting todoist recurring tasks in our integration), so I spent some time digging around their API a bit further, and I’ve got a way I can definitely support this for Todoist Premium users, which is not nothing!

[aside: I remember having a discussion about this with @adamwolf, but now I’m not finding it on the forum, so maybe that was in a side channel somewhere else? probably this is exactly what he already told me.]


which is? o.O

I simply stopped creating recurring tasks, and set them up as their own Beeminder goals as a workaround

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Thanks! I am a Todoist Premium User

Based on your research, once the support for recurring Todoist tasks in Beeminder is supported, will it mess with my existing IFTTT + Todoist goals? Or will I be able to leave them as they are?

I just want to make sure if I mark a goal as complete in Todoist, it won’t accidentally be counted twice (once by Todoist, and once by IFTTT)

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Hello. I am a Todoist Premium user and I really need to use Beeminder with Todoist recurring tasks. How can I do that because it’s still not working. Many thanks

I just hit this problem as well, and found it straightforward to set up IFTTT to patch over it. A simple IFTTT applet picks up completed actions in the relevant project (that’s where all my recurring tasks sit for housework) and sends over a datapoint to Beeminder.

Seems to work fine, with a delay on the order of minutes between ticking the action, IFTTT applet running, and the datapoint being posted. This might conceivably be a problem if you were running super-tight against a deadline and might derail if the datapoint doesn’t go across immediately, but it’s not an issue for me.

(Just fyi, I’m a Premium user too, but happy enough for a proper fix for this to await its turn in the feature queue.)


Let me re-state, as maybe there was some confusion about this statement from me: there exists a way we could count recurring tasks for Todoist Premium users at the very least, (and probably also for people who aren’t paying Todoist either), but it will require some fairly extensive re-writing of our integration with Todoist and hasn’t made it to the front of the implementation queue yet.

Rumor has it that the IFTTT channel is working pretty reliably well with recurring todos in IFTTT these days, so that’s a free work around.

If you have an IFTTT applet pointed at a Beeminder goal that’s also integrated with Todoist, then you probably would end up with duplicates if you left the IFTTT applet running. But again, this referring to code that’s as yet unwritten :slight_smile:


Sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but we now support recurring tasks from Todoist!