Tracking TV episodes watched with

I wanted to watch less TV, but I wasn’t willing to track it manually. Luckily, many media streaming apps log data to (I use Plex). Using their premium features, this can be connected to Beeminder. Here’s how to set this up:

  1. Setup a Do Less goal on Beemidner for TV episodes watched.
  2. Sign up for and become a VIP member ($30/yr).
  3. Copy the RSS link for the history feed on your history page:
  4. Using IFTTT, link a new entry on this RSS feed to add one new datapoint to your TV goal on Beeminder.
  5. On settings page for Beeminder goal, switch data source to IFTTT.

After this, all you need to do is get your data into Here’s my data inputs:

  • When watching on Plex, this is automatically scrobbled.
  • I use this Chrome extension to track Netflix history (should be able to sync even if watched on another device).
  • If I watch any other way, I check the episode off on Television Time for iOS. If using this app, double check your settings for automatically checking off previous episodes.

Resulting goal: