Use to Beemind Saving Money via YNAB

  • Create a new Beeminder goal to track your savings. I called mine narthur/save, and set it to private.
  • Edit the titles of all your savings / investment accounts in YNAB to add the hashtag #save.


  • Create a new scenario and add two modules–YNAB list transactions and Beeminder create a datapoint.

  • Configure the YNAB module to pull all transactions from your budget that are less than a week old, and to do this once daily.


  • Configure a filter between the two modules to only accept positive-value transactions to #save accounts that aren’t balance adjustments or starting balances.

  • Add a test transaction in YNAB, manually run the scenario, and confirm that the data makes it to Beeminder.


Turns out you’ll also need to add a module to ignore HTTP error responses, since the Beeminder API returns a 422 Duplicate request error if the request ID matches a previously created datapoint, and will eventually disable the scenario if these errors are unhandled. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to only handle this specific error, so I’ve added an “Ignore” module which will ignore all HTTP errors indiscriminately.