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WaniKani Integration

I made a WaniKani integration.

I’ve been using a primitive version of this for quite a while and it has really helped my sporadic studying work out to slow steady progress overall.


Thanks for doing this. As a WaniKani user I have definitely thought about doing something similar. Is there any chance you would be willing to post the code for it? I personally have a server set up that I have used to do not official integrations like this. No offense but I am a bit apprehensive to just giving a random app permissions to my account.

If it helps, I vouch for @bluetulip :slight_smile:

Feature request: ability to request permissions to only create goals and manage the goals the app created.

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I’ll definitely consider it, but I have some other stuff next up in personal coding so no guarantees as to when. It took me embarrassingly long to get this thing out the door.

By the way it’s in clojure.

Thanks, I would definitely appreciate it. I am a fairly firm believer in having tools like this be open source so that everyone able can contribute and use it for their own purposes as necessary. Especially if there is not proprietary or monetary reason not to.

Howdy! I’ve got a couple questions for @bluetulip about the integration. What’s the metric that it’s tracking? Minutes? Points? Seconds? And are you sending deltas to beeminder (i.e. how much was done/earned today), or a running total (more like Duolingo, where Duolingo is keeping track of total XP and we just get that from them).


  • items - I’m not sure what else to call them. The kanji, vocab, and “radicals” that WaniKani teaches, specifically counting the ones that someone has done the lesson for and has kept/caught up on the scheduled reviews for.
  • running total, though the number can go down some when someone falls behind on reviews.

Here’s the code:


I just updated this for the WaniKani v2 API. So it will continue to work after the v1 API is turned off next fall. I don’t believe anyone besides me is using this, but if so, you need to update your API token to one of the new ones by September 1 2020.


This seems to have stopped working recently, and I’m currently taking a break from beeminding WaniKani. I don’t think anyone else is using this, but let me know if I’m wrong and you do or would like to use this and I’ll look into fixing it.

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I have a manual goal to complete a certain number of sessions on WaniKani each week. I don’t have any progrmming knowledge, so don’t know how to use your solution. I would like there to be an official integration at some point.

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