Why do I get reminded of my goal every day, if I'm only going to do physical Excersize every other day?

I tried creating a physical Excersize goal with a PE-day every other day, but it seems like it isn’t possible, even if you put the rate to 4 times a week. I had to manually push the plus one button every day even on my free day, for the app to think that I was doing it on the day of the reminder, to not be taken money from. Is there any solution to this?

Oh dear, sorry to hear this was confusing for you!

Beeminder always calculates a daily rate, partly because it’s appropriate for most goals to want to make consistent progress over time instead of bunching up at the end of a week and partly because it’s just a souped up straight-line graph with days on the x axis. That means you need to do around 0.6 (4/7) a day to stay above the line, when you’ve set a rate of 4/week.

Unfortunately, that means that adding +1 doesn’t satisfy the requirements for two days (0.6+0.6 = 1.2, so you still need another 0.2 – very roughly, it’s actually 0.1429 – to stay on track).

The best way around it is to start with a few days of safety buffer, but to start doing your goal right away. That way you always stay above the line, without having to do it every day.

If you email support@beeminder.com with a link to the graph, we’d love to help you get that set up properly so you can remove the false data (such a slippery slope!) and stay on track. :slight_smile: