Beemind getting through Foursquare list - possible?


Living in a city, it is very easy to say “yeah one day I’ll visit x museum”. I want to make it happen more and wondered if anyone had Beeminded (is that the right use?) a list of places to visit that they force themselves to tick off using Beeminder - ideally in Foursquare/Swarm via IFTTT but maybe there is another way (Keep lists?)


a trello list would work perfectly for that!


Do you mean without Foursquare integration? As a stand alone list? I’m
using Todoist and that could work I guess… was hoping to semi-automate
it with a Foursquare/Swarm checkin.


I did this manually, having realised that I was living in London but not set foot in any museums or galleries. To further restrict choice, I followed the wikipedia list of most visited museums and galleries, and worked my way down…


For something somewhat more automatic, you could try using Swarm/Foursquare to tweet with a particular hashtag whenever you were at a “qualifying place,” and beemind tweeting with that hashtag? You can set up a tweets-with-a-given-hashtag goal right in beeminder, without needing IFTTT.


Do you mean when checking in via Swarm? There is a Foursquare/Swarm IFTTT trigger where you simply use a hashtag when checking in that gets around the need to Tweet. That may have to do.


Had a look and there is no IFTTT trigger for checking things off a Foursquare list. But there is for adding things to a list, strangely.

The only qualifiers you can use seems to be checking in to a category