Trello auto data


Is it possible to have the data points be each card’s title (and +1) instead of the aggregate count of completed cards?


Looks as though we count the cards in one daily fetch, by default, rather than accounting for each individual card that was moved into a column.

Are you proposing that it would be better (more useful) if the datapoint value was always ‘1’ and the datapoint comment reflected which card it is?


Yes, I think it would be more useful. Most people (myself included) use Trello as a Kanban board. My goal tracks the cards I move to the “Done” List. By having the card title in the data point, I can look back at all of the tasks I have finished rather than the aggregate number. Obviously this is similar to the Todoist integration on the back-end, but mapping the goals/tasks on the client side is much more organized in the Trello/Kanban way than a To Do List in my opinion.