A goal with a minimum and maximum

I’ve been here a year, but still consider myself a newbee, so I think this is the best place to post this!

I have issues sometimes with entertainment. I can either find myself watching/playing no high quality entertainment at all (bad for my stress and bad if I’m instead doing something dumb like watching YT videos) or binging and overconsuming. I want a goal that keeps me at a happy medium. A minimum of 10 minutes a day and a maximum of just over 60. What is the best way to create a goal like this?

Can’t really afford a bee plus goal with trimming the safety buffer as I’m a poor student :joy:


Maybe this would be a good use case for the new meta integration? :thinking: So one would be do-more and the other do-less. And one would get its data from the other. You’d still need two goals, but you’d only need to directly add data to one of them that way.


There isn’t a way to do a goal which contains both a maximum and a minimum – there’s no way to set up a goal that beeminds a band of okayness, it’s only “you’re fine on this side of the line and not-fine on the other”.

Originally someone (Danny, I think?) wrote a blog post saying that there’s no need to beemind both sides: realistically, only one direction is difficult. I disagreed and wrote a blog post recently both saying I get why someone would want to beemind both sides… and that I still think Beeminder is right not to offer “beeminding within upper and lower bounds”. Here it is: Both Sides Now. The meta integration wasn’t created yet when I wrote it, but that now offers some ways to manage it – plus as far as I know you can set up similar, more complex versions via stuff like IFTTT (e.g. probably datapoint mirroring).