Editing Todoist goal

Can I edit what projects a Todoist goal is tracking after the goal is created?


Alas, the answer is we’ll need to do that for you behind the scenes: Just email support@beeminder.com
Thanks for asking this – probably worth adding the ability to do this in the UI! But don’t be shy about emailing support in the meantime. More such requests helps us prioritize the feature!


Thanks. Other than that, Todoist integration is a superb and long awaited feature. Kudos.


Et voila: http://beeminder.com/changelog#2419

Your wish is our command.

(Seriously, super helpful to get questions like this. In fact, this kind of counts as a bug report, for which the bounty is physical stickers. DM me your snailmail address if you want some!)


I bumped DM thread with my address.

@dreev I found yet another bug with this. If I have a project or label selected, when I unselect it (so that no project or label is selected) I get a 500. For example I have project A selected, then I select label B and unselect the project - I’m going to get 500 on update.

PS: I did of the above in settings tab of an existing goal.

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Thanks for the bug report! fixed that today: https://twitter.com/beemuvi


Cool! Thanks.