Help to set limit instagram usage time goal from rescuetime


I was looking to limit my instagram usage time to 20 minutes per day. I want this to be a daily goal and no delta should be carry forwarded to next day. Can someone help me set this goal? I would really appreciate this help.

Hi! To do this, you’ll either need to subscribe to Bee Plus or Beemium to get the autoratchet, or you’ll need to ratchet manually yourself first thing every day. The ratchet section is under the “Commitment” tab on the goal’s page, and you can read more about how to do that here: Can I get rid of extra safety buffer? - Beeminder Help

If you set it up to be automatic, it’ll happen at the start of each day after we’ve made sure we’ve synced with your latest data.

Does that all make sense? Eager to hear feedback on this!

Hi! I have subscribed to BeePlus. So can you assist me with what should be the auto ratchet time here?

I do not under what 7 Hours here mean. Can you tell me exactly what I should fill in this section to make the counter as 30 minutes buffer only? The use case is basically let us say:

Total Max limit - 30 min per day.
Monday - 15 minutes usage
Tuesday - It shows 45 minutes buffer. I want it to be 30 minutes only.

Perfect, then you can get auto-ratchet set up. To do that, go to the “auto-ratchet section”, click “automatically cap safety buffer”, and then enter the amount of time that’s the maximum you want to have each day. That’s 30 minutes, which is the same thing as 0.5 hours, so you just need to put 0.5 in, press “update”, and then each day after your deadline the graph will be adjusted to ensure you have 0.5 units of buffer (i.e. 30 minutes allowance for the day).

Does that seem clearer now?