Tasker recipes?

Are any of you using Tasker with Beeminder? What types of things are you doing with it?


I use it to record time spent in phone calls with specific people.


I use it to send a data point every time I finish a pomodoro using Clockwork Tomato.


@hmowilliams has some awesome posts about this!



Oh! One that doesn’t seem to be on that list is using Tasker to track how much time I was spending at a place (increasing the time I spent on campus) or away from a place (decreasing the time I spent at home). That was super useful for keeping myself on track!

The options for Tasker really are limitless. It can track when any app is opened or closed, how many times the phone is unlocked, how often the phone battery is low, how much time is spent using data instead of wifi, anything really. There are so many add-ons for Tasker too, it’s just amazing. :slight_smile:


What Tasker plugins have you found most useful / interesting?

NFC Tools PRO is probably my favorite that I can think of right now. It’s kind of hard to remember which things are included in Tasker and which are added on later because everything integrates so well.

I have nearly all of these. I just got AutoApp for Arduino, which I’m pretty excited about because my project for this summer is to set up Arduino home automation stuff.


I’ve been using Task for a while now and it’s definitely slick! Here are my profiles so far:

Evening Wind Down

This one submits to Beeminder how much time my phone stays plugged into the wall in the evenings. I’m trying to stay off screens before bed, and this helps with that.


This one submits a +1 to Beeminder walks goal when I pass a specific neighbor’s wifi network. I gave it an hour cool down so it only fires once per walk. :slight_smile:


This one watches for the same wifi network as the Walks profile, but only fires if I’m walking between 6 & 7pm, and posts the datapoint to my deflate goal.

Solitude Walk

I’ve been listening to Cal Newport talk about the importance of giving your brain a break from input from other human minds, so this profile submits a +1 to my solitude-walk goal if it sees that same neighbor’s wifi, it’s between 5am and 10am, and my headphones are not plugged in.

:honeybee: Alerts

In the past I’ve found it too easy to ignore Beeminder notifications, so I modified notification start times to be much closer to actual derails, and then set up this profile to read the texts aloud if I’m connected to my home wifi (so not away from home).

Church Service

It’s easy to forget to set Do Not Disturb at church. This profile sees the church’s wifi network and turns it on for me (and back off when I leave).